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JUST THE BEGINNING: Russia Dropping Heavier Bombs on ISIS Targets After Airline Crash That the Terror Group Claimed Responsibility For


After its passenger plane crashed under highly questionable circumstances yesterday, Russia Air Force has started dropping heavier bombs on ISIS targets.

Previously, they were only using high precision KAB-500 antibunker bombs. Now, they are shifting to KAB-1500 which is three times heavier and powerful than the former. Numbered suffix signify actual weight of the bomb.

So, this is how Vladimir Putin is responding to the Cabalist’s recent attack on its citizens.

Trick or Treat: Russia Delivers Powerful Bombs to ISIL’s Doorstep

TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian warplanes based near the Syrian city of Lattakia have reportedly used heavy laser-guided bombs to attack ISIL positions.

Russian Su-34 frontline bombers stationed at the Hmaimim air base near the Syrian port of Lattakia have used KAB-1500 guided bombs to destroy ISIL targets, RIA Novosti quoted Russian Aerospace Forces spokesman Igor Klimov as saying.

Accompanied by Su-30SM multi-role fighter jets, the Su-34 planes dropped the 1,500 kg bombs on ISIL


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