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Hundreds of women locked in cages as human shields against Assad and Putin

    • Locals loyal to President Assad rounded-up in the Syrian city of Douma
    • Held in metal cages which rebels place near targets to prevent air-strikes
    • Attacks from Russian or Syrian jets would mean killing Assad supporters
    • Almost 500 Alawites now held captive in the cubed jails on flat-bed trucks

Women loyal to President Assad in a besieged region of Damascus are being paraded in metal cages in the hope of preventing further air-strikes raining down on a stricken suburb of the Syrian capital.

Almost 500 Alawites – male and female – have been rounded up by Army of Islam militants and are now being held captive in the cubed jails mounted on the back of flat-bed trucks and pick-ups.

The city of Douma has been pulverised by daily attacks by Russian and Syrian bombing raids.


However, the locals see this extreme retaliation as the only way of ensuring the airborne attacks are ended – as it would mean President Assad targeting his own supporters.

At least 100 cages are now being used to ferry the hostages around the city, in the Eastern Ehouta region.

Videos of the trucks have been


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