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Remains of Hellenistic citadel found in Jerusalem…the Maccabbean rebels tore it down when fighting the Greeks


After decades of digs and dozens of theories, fortress dating back over 2,200 years discovered in parking lot

Israeli archaeologists believe they have found the precise location of the Akra, a fortified Hellenistic citadel erected in the heart of Jerusalem by the Seleucid conquerors, after they first destroyed the city in 168 BC.

The compound was torn down by the Maccabee rebels fighting the Greek rulers in the 2nd century BC.

The Israel Antiquities Authority revealed the findings on Tuesday, terming them “sensational”.

Over decades of digs and searches, theories abounded as to the location of the fortress. Some thought it was within today’s Temple Mount, or in the Jewish quarter of the Old City.

The difficulties in finding the fortress were exacerbated by the fact that King Herod built on top of the small Hasmonean city and almost nothing of it remained.

But in recent months, excavations in a parking lot in Silwan, on the outskirts of the walled


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