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US warplanes dropping WEAPONS to same Syrian rebels targeted by Russian bombers

THE United States is dropping weapons and supplies to groups who may have been targeted by Russian bombers, it has emerged.

US Air Force C-17 cargo aircraft flew into northern Syria yesterday to carry out the mission and all aircraft exited the airdrop area safely.

The Arab groups that received the supplies said their leaders had been vetted and have been fighting to remove Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis from northern Syria.

The Obama administration announced last week that instead of trying to build a new Syrian rebel force, it will provide equipment, including ammunition, to existing Syria rebel groups who want to defeat ISIS.

Forces loyal to President Assad hav been accused of ruining this Syrian building

The airdrop came barely two weeks after Russia raised the stakes by intervening in the war on the side of President Bashar al-Assad and just days after Washington shelved a US military program to train and equip thousands of “moderate” rebels.

Russia has taken out a significant number of ISIS targets, but American forces say that they have also attacked anti-Assad


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