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CRAZINESS IN CYPRUS: After burning tents and fighting police, muslim ‘refugees’ threaten to commit suicide if demands not met

TOTAL CHAOS ERUPTS IN CYPRUS at the British Royal Air Force base where more than one hundred illegal alien Muslim parasite wannabes are staying and demanding more luxurious accommodations.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Brenda K)  A video filmed at the UK army base in Dhekelia shows a number of worrying incidents, including a man allegedly trying to hang himself, before he is stopped by British military police. It also shows a man covered in blood after reportedly cutting himself, and a protest by the illegals staged by the edge of the base where at least one man has attempted to climb over the barbed wire fence.  (Good, give them the tools they need to kill themselves)

The video, obtained by The Guardian, sees the man on the fence screaming at British personnel; ‘Let us leave! We are people, not animals.’ (Animals are more civilized that muslims)


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