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German Media: The Russian Army is Stronger than all EU armies combined


“After a radical military reform, Russia has shown the world the new capabilities of its army that raises “special concern” of the U.S. military – writes the German media. According to experts, the Russian army must have been a “stronger than all the armies of the EU put together.”

“After the reforms, the new capabilities of the Russian army alarmed the American military” – writes Der Spiegel.

“Russia carries out airstrikes in Syria, flies strategic bombers, once every few weeks while conducting a surprise inspection of combat readiness and the U.S. are now “sounding the alarm” – quotes RIA Novosti.

According to the commander of U.S. forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges the Russian systems that allow to block access of a technologically superior enemy to strategically important objects are of particular concern.   Among them, in particular, are air defense systems and anti-ship missiles. Hodges noted that in case of a conflict Russia can create areas that are closed for NATO forces — for example, the Russian “Bastion” missiles are able to sink the ships of the Alliance shortly after the passage of the Bosphorus strait.

In recent years, Russia has radically modernized its armed forces — it was the most radical military reform since


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