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German village forced to take 400 times more Muslims than the entire native population


The councillor wants a safe society with his own national values. He doesn’t want his hometown to turn into Kabul or Iraq. And for this he is of course branded “neo-Nazi”. How come Muslims who demand Islam wherever they are, are not branded Islamonazis? Or is the requirement that you have to be white and Western to be referred to as a Nazi although the entire world appears to want to live in these “Nazi” lands?

We’d be surprised if someone doesn’t pop Angela Merkel. She is making it very dangerous for herself. Surely she must understand that? At no point in history has any country or peoples accepted a foreign invasion without a violent outburst. What does she expect? Push them more and the Germans will start to hit back at some point.

Police prepare for violence as 500 migrants are moved to a German village with a population of just 102… and a neo-Nazi as town councillor

  • Sumte, in the east of Germany, is inhabited mainly by wealthy pensioners  
  • Neo-Nazi councillor said Germans face ‘destruction of genetic heritage’
  • Violence against migrants has intensified in the country
  • Asylum seekers attacked with baseball bats over the weekend
  • Their arrival comes as officials warned refugee children are at risk of being preyed upon at asylum centres


A German village of just 102 residents is bracing for the arrival of 500 refugees as neo-Nazi violence against migrants intensifies in the country.

The sleepy town of Sumte, inhabited mainly by well-to-do pensioners who live in handsome farmhouses, has become the symbol of Germany’s struggle to cope with the overwhelming influx of migrants.

In early October, Sumte’s mayor, Christian Fabel, was informed by the district government that his village, which has a neo-Nazi as a town councillor, had to accommodate 1,000 refugees in empty office buildings.

Although the number of refugees was reduced to 750 in a small concession to the villagers, the influx is testing the limits of tolerance in Sumte and across Germany and driving a wedge in the conservative camp of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In the village, a local neo-Nazi councillor is rubbing his hands with delight at the propaganda victory bureaucrats in Berlin appear to have handed him.

Hitler admirer Holger Niemann, 32, is one of the few people in Sumte that seems enthusiastic about the refugee plan.

‘It is bad for the people, but politically it is good for me,’ Mr. Niemann told The New York Times. He went on to say that Germans face ‘the destruction of our genetic heritage’ and risk becoming ‘a gray mishmash’.

Over the weekend, marauding mobs of neo-Nazis went on a long orgy of violence against asylum seekers.

In scenes chillingly reminiscent of the dark days of the Third Reich, refugees were subjected to abuse, firebombs and even attacked with baseball bats as opposition continues to spike against Angela Merkel’s open-door policy to migrants.

The weekend also saw huge rifts appear between Mrs. Merkel’s CDU party and her sister CSU party in Bavaria which is demanding a closure of Germany’s frontier with Austria to any more migrants.

In Meerane in the eastern state of Saxony more than 100 right wingers hurled fireworks at asylum seekers and police as they attempted on Sunday to prevent refugees moving into local accommodation.

In Magdeburg on Sunday morning a mob of 30 people, some carrying baseball bats, chased three Syrians and beat them. Police moved in to protect the men and one neo-Nazi tried to club him to the ground before he was subdued with


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