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A mindset that has gradually led American parents to leave the education of their children — unchecked — to schools and elitists has spawned controversies such as the promotion of Islam in classrooms and the unpopular Common Core standards.

Eruptions have occurred in more states recently over the promotion of Islam – and the downplaying of America’s Judeo-Christian foundation – in schools districts around the country. While some have attributed the controversy to the Common Core standards, what is closer to the truth is that the same philosophy that has encouraged parents to leave educating their children to “the experts” has produced both the education reform and the teaching of Islamic beliefs in the classroom.

Donna Hearne, former Reagan official in the U.S. Department of Education and author ofThe Long War & Common Core, tells Breitbart News that a look at the history of Common Core shows the reform is the latest effort by progressive elites to take decision-making about children away from parents and transfer it to government bureaucrats.

“Common Core is changing the way Americans think of themselves,” she said. “There is no connecting the dots, no context in teaching history now – everything is disconnected.”

Hearne says the controversial math and English standards reflect teaching that is not based on logic.

“Children’s brains are no longer trained logically,” she explains. “In math, traditionally we have laid down a knowledge base and then built on it until it becomes automatic. The same with grammar and English as traditional and classic education, but not so now.”

The former teacher adds that the revisions made in the Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) framework promote a similar message to students.

“The thrust of the movement in terms of American history that has led up to Common Core is that there is no greatness about America,” Hearne said and continued:

The underlying premise is that there is a moral equivalence between cultures. This has been around for years, but Common Core has raised the flag and parents are now engaged. Prior to Common Core, parents had never really read their children’s textbooks. I’m excited parents are finally getting more involved in their children’s education.

With regard to world history, Hearne says as far back as the1930s there was a movement to collect and write curricula that would be hostile to America. The Frankfurt School – which was the source of Critical Theory – was developed with the goal of advancing Marxist philosophy in Germany. Following the Nazi takeover, the Frankfurt School eventually moved to New York and Columbia University.

“In the states that have seen more of an emphasis on Islam – students wearing the burqas and such – Islam is described as a ‘religion of peace’ and there is limited study of the nation’s Judeo-Christian foundation,” Hearne says. “But we can’t really call this emphasis on Islam as part of ‘Common Core,’ per se, which is the label for the movement of the standards reform that has been set by elites.”

Hearne asserts, nevertheless, that if promoting Islam is “what’s in the brain of the teacher in the classroom,” students will experience greater emphasis on it.

She adds that, in the 1990s, the movement for government to greater direct the lives of students took prominence in the “school to work” movement, often called “workforce development” and embraced by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and many establishment politicians of both parties.

“The ‘school to work’ movement – where the government decides what we need in society in terms of jobs fulfilled – is not a mark of a free society,” Hearne explains. “Designing education according to what we see in students when they’re children and pre-determining their careers at an early age means narrowing what they are learning and not expanding their knowledge and understanding.”

Hearne makes the connection between a reform like Common Core and what some school districts are seeing in terms of emphasis on Islam as a “religion of peace,” while at the same time America is portrayed as an evil


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