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Israel’s Unheralded Humanitarian Project for Wounded Syrians


While the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Syrians by the Assad regime — and the rise of regional Islamic terror organizations — shows no sign of ending, an unheralded Israeli humanitarian mission recently marked the treatment of 2,000 Syrian patients.

Although the two countries remain sworn enemies, advocates of Israel’s program that cares for badly wounded Syrians emphasize the Jewish imperative to save life whenever possible. Despite endangering the lives of Israeli soldiers and medical personnel, the program has enabled critically injured Syrians — who have no one else to turn to for lifesaving treatment — to cross the border to an Israeli field hospital close to Har (Mount) Bental.

In a special interview in the Golan Heights, one of the most senior IDF officials involved in the program (whose identity cannot be revealed for security reasons), discussed the nature of a humanitarian operation that flies in the face of the derogatory, caricatured image of Israel (and of Jews in general) that is peddled by much of the surrounding Arab world.

“This is the main area of the fighting between the Syrian regime — heavily supported by Iranian-funded Hezbollah and now by Russian forces — and the Al Nusra Front, the Syrian Al Qaeda,” the medical officer said. ISIS militias have also been present in the area.

“Many wounded people come from this area,” he adds, pointing across the valley to the Syrian warzone from a high vantage point. “The rebels don’t want the patients to be taken to Israel.”

Suddenly, a rocket explodes in the embattled town of Quneitra little more than a mile away. Gray-white smoke rises from the impact. His medics are going to be in for a busy night, the IDF officer resignedly says.

“All of the doctors in this area were probably killed,” he explains. “Most of the people that are left are the poor and the most vulnerable. The [Syrian refugees] who go to Europe are the people with thousands of euros, who are fit enough to do the journey. Any time the rebels occupy one of the villages the regime places it under siege stopping electricity, water, [and food]. This has been going on for about three years.”

The transfer of patients invariably takes place under cover of darkness to lessen the possibility of terrorists firing on the injured and on the Israeli medics trying to help them. They have to cross at a specific place in the border fence that is known to both locals and the IDF, since reaching the field hospital directly would require crossing a ‘No Man’s Land’ that would inevitably result in more casualties.

“As an orthopedic surgeon, I can tell you this is the most horrible thing that I have ever seen,” the officer continues. “Blast injuries, shrapnel, amputations, head injuries. In my orthopedic department we say the people aren’t dead because they haven’t read the record of their trauma.”

“In the beginning, before the division was built, we had two personnel with PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] because we were not as organized as today. Now when there is a problem that we need to talk about, we sit everyone in a circle and everyone talks about what he has done, what was good, what can be better next time, and this [can be very helpful]. The importance of the mission is what gives them so much strength.”

It costs a lot of money and manpower to treat Syrians, who the officer insists are not vetted for their affiliation to one warring group or another. But 25 percent of those treated are young men, and Israeli medics assume they likely have been in the fight.

The humanitarian mission has drawn criticism.

Following a bloody massacre by the Al Nusra Front of Druze villagers in northern Syria in June, a small group of Israeli Druze, incensed at the possibility that Al Nusra combatants might be among those being treated by the IDF, attacked a military ambulance and killed a male patient inside.

The IDF officer I spoke to, who was on duty that night, says


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