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Muslim Immigrants in Minnesota ‘Grooming’ and Forcing Local Teens into Sex Trade


This sort of stuff has been going on in Britain for decades with thousands of white children (and immigrant children) having been forced into sex slavery by Muslim immigrants there. But it is happening here in the USA, too.


We reported on the terrible situation in England only a few months ago. Muslim immigrants there have been engaged in a sex slavery ring for 20 years or more with British authorities ignoring it for fear of being called “racists.”

But don’t be fooled into thinking this is just happening in England.

The Assoc. Press has the story from as far back as 2012 showing that this is happening here in the USA and it has likely been going on here for just as long.

A key witness in a federal trial involving nine people accused in a sexual trafficking ring operated by Somali gang members told jurors she was taken from apartment to apartment in suburban Minneapolis to have sex with men for money.

The young Somali woman who testified Tuesday in Nashville


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