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Obviously allies do spy on each other. The US, UK and France all spy on each other. But there are varieties of espionage. Overt harassment of this kind isn’t just espionage, it’s a statement of hostility. It’s the way the USSR treated American personnel. And it’s all being done in the service of protecting Iran’s nuclear program.

The White House’s planted WSJ story told us they were spying on Israel out of worries that Israel would strike at Iran. And it’s only escalating. (via Tom Gross)

Since 2012, hundreds of employees of the Israeli defense establishment encountered a strange phenomenon: the staff of the US embassy in Israel refused to grant them visas to enter the USA.

The applicants included IDF servicemen and employees of IMOD, Israeli defense industries and such intelligence agencies as ISA and Mossad. Numerous testimonies indicated that the US embassy had a list of Israeli defense operatives, and entrance was denied to many of them despite the fact that they never encountered problems obtaining a visa in the past.

According to those testimonies, since 2012, some of the applicants received visas for just a few weeks after they had been ‘given the runaround’, while others were questioned upon their arrival in the USA. Some absurd situations arose. For example, members of the Israeli delegation to the USA were forced to leave the USA for Canada and have their visas renewed in that country, since their visas for staying on US soil had been renewed only for very short periods of time, again and again (or refused).

At the time, the US embassy in Israel refused to provide any explanations regarding this “Visa Refusal Policy”, not even in response to a question submitted to the embassy by this writer, but the reason is being clarified in the last few days: a revelation by the Wall Street Journal last weekend maintains that the USA initiated a massive effort


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