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Spain: Muslims break into church, spray “Allah” on wall, destroy crucifix

Why did they do this? The church must have “provoked” the poor dears. Maybe the priest or deacon drew a picture of Muhammad, or “poked them in the eye” in some other way. After all, we know that Islam is a Religion of Peace, and that Muslims would never, ever do something like this unless driven to it by racist, bigoted Christians, right?

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is on script: “A spokesman for the Diocese of Malaga said the attack – first discovered by priest Agustin Carrasco – was not representative of all Muslims.” Yes, that is the main lesson we must always remember in such incidents. Anyone who points to a global Muslim persecution of Christians justified by Islamic texts and teachings must be silenced, shunned and ostracized, in the service of propping up the ridiculous and suicidal pretense that “Muslim-Christian dialogue” is the answer to all violence perpetrated by Muslims against Christians.

“Islamic extremists ‘break into church and spray Allah on walls before destroying crucifix,’” by Tom Parfitt, Express, November 4, 2015 (thanks to Lookmann):

ISLAMIC vandals were today being


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