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Swedish editor wants to “fill land with ISIS” to get rid of anti-immigrant Swedes

How quickly would the Islamic State jihadis that Theodor Stig-Matz would welcome into Sweden capture and behead him? Do you think they would pause long enough to commiserate with him about how racist those horrible Sweden Democrats are?

He says he was being ironic. However, Leftists all over the West have been much more willing to make common cause with Islamic supremacists and jihadis than with so-called “right-wing extremists.”


“Swedish News Site Editor: Flood Country With ISIS So Anti-Immigrant Swedes Are Exiled,” by Nick Hallett, Breitbart, November 3, 2015:

Sweden should be “filled” with Islamist terrorists so that anti-mass immigration, rural, working class Swedes are forced into exile, the opinion editor of a left-wing news site has said.

Teodor Stig-Matz wrote on Nyheter24 that he would “honestly fill the land with IS soldiers” if it meant the sort of people who vote for the Sweden Democrats (SD) disappeared.

He wrote his column as an open letter to Kent Ekeroth, a senior SD MP who has previously said that mass immigration is “Islamising” Sweden.

The firebrand politician told Breitbart London in an interview in September: “Hand grenades, rapes, violence, it all comes with immigration, to put it simply. It isn’t immigration from Norwegians or British people – it is from Middle Eastern and African Muslims.”

Now Mr Stig-Matz has written in response: “I think that we are not so different, you and I, Kent. The attitude you and your party have


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