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Brace Yourself, Europe: Three Million More ‘Migrants’ by End of Next Year

Whistling past graveyard, EU says ultimate economic impact of invasion could be “positive.”




They keep on coming, and they will keep on coming until they are stopped. The greatest “peaceful” invasion in world history is unfolding right in front of our eyes, and the politicians are powerless in the face of it:

The European Union is predicting that 3 million more migrants could arrive in the 28-nation bloc by the end of next year. More than 700,000 people have come to Europe seeking sanctuary or jobs so far this year, overwhelming reception centers and border authorities. EU autumn economic forecasts released on Thursday say that based on current migrant entries and a “technical assumption” about future flows, arrival rates are unlikely to slow before 2017.
The EU’s executive Commission said that “overall, an additional 3 million persons is assumed to arrive in the EU over the forecast period.” The Commission says the refugee crisis has resulted


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