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BREAKING: Russia sends missiles to Syria amid claim jets could be hijacked by ISIS

RUSSIA has sent missile systems to Syria to protect its military forces in the war-torn country as it continues to blitz the Islamic State.

The head of Russia’s air force warned fighter jets could be hijacked in neighbouring countries and used to attack Russian forces.

Colonel General Viktor Bondarev revealed: “We have calculated all possible threats.

“We have sent not only fighter jets, bombers and helicopters, but also missile systems. We must be ready.”

Bondarev’s warning comes after reports that the number of Russian military forces in Syria has swelled to 4,000.

Moscow began air strikes against ISIS at the end of September and has reportedly killed hundreds of fanatics.

Bondarev also revealed a Russian pilot was forced to violate Turkish airspace last month to avoid a missile defence system on the ground.

He said: “Our plane was completing a strike task in northern Syria. There was heavy cloud cover.

“When our fighter started flying along the border with Turkey, the system showed that some sort of anti-missile defense systems were



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