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Michelle Obama’s Qatar trip marred by host’s ties to anti-Semitic sheikh

  • Qatar’s ties with US deterring Israel from all-out diplomatic offensive, official says
  • The US and Qatar



First Lady Michelle Obama’s  trip to Qatar earlier this week to discuss women’s rights and education is drawing scrutiny in some segments of the American press after it was learned that she made an appearance at an institute that recently hosted a sheikh who in years past has delivered virulently anti-Semitic sermons.

According to the online news outlet Politico, Obama gave a speech to a conference staged by the Qatar Foundation, which invited the first lady to hear her thoughts about tolerance and education.

Yet just days before Obama’s scheduled visit, the foundation’s educational center provided a platform to an Islamic cleric, Tariq al-Hawwas, who has been known to make remarks denouncing “Zionist aggressors” whom god should “count them in number and kill them completely, do not spare a [single] one of them.”

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, the sheikh gave a sermon in 2013 bemoaning the fact that Hitler did not “finish off”


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