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Hitler comedy conquers German box offices

Look Who’s Back, released in early October, in which the Führer awakes in modern-day Germany, is a phenomenal success in the motherland.


Amir Bogen

BERLIN – The new German comedy Look Who’s Back, presents Hitler as an archaic and ridiculous figure, forcing Germans to rethink their attitude to Hitler and his repressed legacy – and it’s a big hit.

The film, directed by David Wnendt, is based on the provocative bestselling novel by Timur Vermes published in 2012 which describes an imaginary situation in which Hitler returns from the dead straight into the 21st century and tries to acclimate to the new Germany.


And it is precisely this technology that sends Hitler right into the center of public debate in Germany. Those who come across him first treat him as a clown, but one with lots of guts. They know that Hitler is dead, but his imitator seems quite reliable and determined, and therefore strange and amusing. Sawatzki, played by Fabian Busch, a


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