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Mount St Helens’ Next Eruption Could Be Massive – 4 Magma Chambers Found Lurking Under Volcano


It’s scarred and jagged crater is a reminder of the terrible devastation that Mount St Helens wrought over the Washington countryside 35 years ago. Now a new study of the volcanic plumbing lurking beneath the 8,363ft (2,459 meter) summit suggests the volcano could yet again blow its top in an explosive eruption. Geologists studying the volcano, which is responsible for the most deadly eruption in U.S. history, have discovered a second enormous magma chamber buried far beneath the surface.

The researchers also believe a second neighboring volcano – Mount Adams – may also be fed from the deeper magma chamber. They said a series of distinct earthquakes in the months leading up to the massive eruption on 18 May 1980, which killed 57




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