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Obama claims that Muslim “refugees” are inherently peaceful – That’s why he’s doing everything he can to cover up this story.

When you think of pure evil, you think of animals like this. It was recently reported that a Muslim immigrant at an asylum center in Sweden brutally raped a 3 year old girl. According to Sharia unveiled, The asylum center and the Swedish Migration Board decided to move the man from the accommodation to protect him.

The police were reportedly not contacted by the asylum center, but were called eight hours later by friends of the girl’s mother.

When police arrived, they were unable to get a hold of the man because he was moved to another location. Employees of the asylum center were hesitant to help the police find the man, or give any information at all. The condition of the child is unknown.

Sweden is experiencing a rape epidemic due to the amount of Muslim migrants flowing into the country. Recently, a 7 year old girl was raped in Sweden by a Muslim man while she was riding her bike. He pulled her off of her bike, gagged her and raped her within minutes. The mother, who was close by didn’t even realize what happened until her daughter came to her crying.

In a pamphlet just released by ISIS, child rape is justified by citing the Quran.

One question posed in the pamphlet is whether or not it’s


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