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Fireballs are falling to Earth this week in numbers we won’t see for another 10 years

Keep your eyes peeled this week for some spectacular fireballs — extremely bright meteors — lighting up the sky, like this one caught on camera in Thailand November 2:


Right now, Earth is passing through Comet Encke’s tail, generating the Taurid meteor shower in the process.”The best time to view the Taurids is from midnight to 3 am local time,” NASA wrote in a Reddit AMA. “There should be a handful per hour. Taurid rates are not high, but the ones you will see will be very bright.”

The peak of the shower — when we can see the most meteors per hour — will be the evening of Wednesday, November 11. But Monday and Tuesday night are also a good time to sit back and look up, weather permitting.

The best way to watch any meteor shower is to get far away from city lights and look up, no special equipment required. Here’s a map from AccuWeather showing where the best spots in the country are to see the Taurids Monday night:

Meteor showers usually happen when Earth passes through a comet’s stream of residual dust and debris in space.

The debris collides with our planet, is pulled toward Earth’s center by gravity, and burns up in the atmosphere, producing bright streaks in the night sky that we sometimes refer to as falling stars.Compared to other meteor showers, the Taurid meteors are relatively sluggish, colliding with Earth at speeds of about 65,000 mph — less than half the speed of the rapid Perseid meteors, which move at about 133,000 mph.

As a result, the Taurids appear to move slowly across the sky, so you can easily spot and track them with your naked eye.

Most of the meteors will likely appear to come from the direction of the constellation Taurus, hence the name Taurid meteors. Between the hour

Look to Taurus


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