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Footage emerges showing ISIS terrorists ‘massacring children’…liberals silent as usual

  • Video revealed to be filmed last year and shows execution of Assad troops 
  • The prisoners are forced to lie side-by-side with their faces in the dirt
  • Behind them stand at least a dozen ISIS gunmen, armed with assault rifles
  • The barbaric ISIS captors then open fire, killing an estimated 200 victims

A horrific ISIS video which purportedly shows 200 Syrian children being lined up and gunned by militants has been revealed to be a jihadi propaganda video from 2014.

The sickening mass execution video was posted online by an anti-ISIS activist based in Yemen and quickly started to draw condemnation from social media users shocked by the atrocities.

However the footage is believed to have filmed in late August 2014 and the victims are prisoners of war who were caught by ISIS after the jihadi group overran the Assad held Tabqa airbase in Syria.


Forced to lie side-by-side and with their faces in the dirt, the video shows about 200 Assad regime soldiers fighting in the Syrian Arab Army stretched out in a long line to the left and right.

Behind them, at least a dozen gunmen armed with assault rifles and handguns stand poised and ready to fire.

One militant then begins firing at point blank range – shooting each prisoner individually as he makes along the row of victims.

Others beside him also open fire, mostly using their machine guns, and the area is filled with dust, obscuring much of the bloodshed.

The video is believed to have been filmed close to Tabqa airbase after the strategic site was overrun by militants.

ISIS continues to control a swathe of territory, including Raqqa, the capital of the terrorists’ self-proclaimed caliphate.

ISIS is known to have carried out mass executions


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