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Israeli startup launches disposable cellphone charger


Mobeego’s charger enables users to cheaply power up their phones for up to four hours; it is environmentally friendly and can be discarded at any mobeego point of sale.

Israeli startup mobeego launched Monday their disposable cellphone charger in Israel and abroad, enabling one to charge one’s cellphone for up to four hours for about NIS 10.


Mobeego described its product as an “energy drink for the mobile phone” and the charging unit is even designed in the form of a can of energy drink. The charger is intended to be a cheap, simple, immediate and environmentally friendly solution for continuous smartphone use, without the need for a regular charger, preloading the phone with a cable or having to find an electrical outlet.

The company says the battery is suitable for both Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones as well as most old cellphones.

Mobeego plans to establish franchise-based distribution systems in Israel and throughout the world, especially in the developed countries. mobeego is already in advanced negotiations with potential franchisees in various countries such as the United States, Israel, Germany, France and South Africa. At first the company intends to



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