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More political gaslighting from the White House.

Daniel Greenfield


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

Obama’s hostility to Israel usually plays out in a good cop-bad cop routine. As the top dog in a political party that still wants Jewish votes, he does not deliver bellicose anti-Israel speeches from balconies. Instead he leaves that to “bad cops” like Hillary Clinton, who described her role as the “designated yeller” at Netanyahu back in her Secretary of State days, and Joe Biden.

While Netanyahu and Obama had another bland White House session whose only purpose was to show that they can sit together in the same room without yelling at each other, the passive-aggressive attacks from Obama Inc. didn’t stop.

Biden is Obama’s go-to guy for starting incidents with Israel even during the Hillary days. Not much has changed now as Netanyahu’s visit was preceded by a Biden speech ranting that, “There is no excuse, there should be no tolerance for any member or employee of the Israeli administration referring to the president of United States in derogatory terms. Period, period, period, period!”

That’s four periods. If you’re counting.

The “member” of the Israeli administration in question was Ron Baratz, who had criticized a White House with so much “tolerance and understanding toward Islamic anti-Semitism” that “they are even willing to give them nukes.”

Baratz, a former member of Israeli Air Force Intelligence with a doctorate in philosophy, had made these comments on Facebook long before Netanyahu offered him a job as media director. Despite that, Netanyahu apologized for the comments. The White House demanded and got an apology from Baratz.

Secretary of State John Kerry, whom Baratz had once referred to as having “the mental age of a 12-year-old”, confirmed that assessment of him, by speaking to Netanyahu


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