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Sweden: Muslim throws wife from the sixth floor – court acquits him

These Swedish people are sick in their heads! They are as sick as the Muslims. No wonder both these deranged sickos, each from the opposite ends of the stick, are attracted to each other and want to co-exist.

A woman is thrown from the SIXTH floor by her savage beast of a husband and is injured so badly that she ispermanently wheelchair bound, but Swedish court finds this crime a cause for acquittal. How sick are these deranged, inept and incompetent weak socialist fuckers? No wonder Sweden has the world’s largest volume of rape cases per capita, only outshined by Lesotho. They just couldn’t care at all about their own women and children. That is why their rape cases are out of proportion. They are simply not bothered. The Swedish police force would rather munch on donuts than resolve crimes.

Surely there must be some international court tribunal that can challenge and charge the entire Swedish court system with sever and abject violations of criminal law and human rights. The more you hear about the Swedish legal system, the more you realise how sick these socialists truly are. Meanwhile Sweden process less rape cases for court proceedings than ever in its history, while their rape incidents are escalating.

The Swedes are a truly mindfucking sick socialist cunts. Sadist Nazi’s. We had to do a double-take on the translation and juggle between Bing and Google to verify this shit. It just seemed too twisted to be true, but the story was true indeed.


WANTED: 31-year-old former Södertälje resident Bobel Nahir Barquasho are being hunted by police after a brutal attempted murder of his wife when he walked free and disappeared after a previous acquittal in the case.

Threw the wife from the sixth floor – now the Police appeal for help in finding him

Wanted: The 31-year-old Syrian Bobel Nahir


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