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Undercover video shows horrific reality of China’s gay shock therapy – where young men are pumped with electricity to try and ‘cure’ them of their homosexuality

  • Gay shock therapy uncovered in Chinese hospitals
  • 15 years since homosexuality was considered a ‘mental illness’ in China
  • Electric shock therapy and nausea-inducing drugs cost $800 per session
  • Hospitals in Tianjin and Huashan are exposed by undercover patients
  • Barbaric treatment is secretly filmed but activists face prison
  • China’s Gay Shock Therapy story on Tuesday’s Dateline at 9.30pm on SBS 

They are horrific images of young Chinese men with electrodes placed near their genitals and on their head before being subjected to huge doses of electric voltage to try and rid them of their homosexuality.

It’s been revealed that men are still regularly subjected to gay electric shock therapy in China, 15 years after it was no longer classified a ‘mental illness’.

Hospitals across the country continue to offer the brutal treatment, saying they can ‘cure homosexuality’. Their barbaric methods are exposed by the Dateline program.   


Viewers are taken inside medical facilities like the Tianjin Mental Health Hospital where undercover activist, John Shen, is told he can be prescribed drugs and shock therapy.

‘It’s a small electric rod, when you have these urges, you shock yourself with the rod, then you know you should avoid these urges,’ a psychiatrist tells Mr Shen.

In one particularly confronting image



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