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World Leaders Accuse Obama Of Treason


President Christina Fernandez de Kirchener of Argentina appeared at last week’s General Assembly meeting of the United Nations and disclosed that the Obama Administration had committed treason against the United States.  During her speech, she informed the gathered delegates that she had been contacted by an emissary from the Obama Administration to resume sales of nuclear fuel to the Iranian government.

President de Kirchener stated during her remarks that she had been visited in 2010 by Gary Samore, a former Obama Administration official.  Mr. Samore was the top White House advisor on nuclear issues. Mr. Samore primarily dealt with the Argentinian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hector Timerman.   During his visit, Mr. Samore sought to have the Argentinians agree to sell nuclear fuel to the Iranian government ostensibly to supply fuel for their nuclear reactor namedTehran.  Argentina had previously sold fuel to Iran for this reactor in 1987 when the reactor was built.

The reason for this strange request was that the White House had commenced negotiations with the Iranian government over its nuclear program.  The Iranians were unwilling to cease their nuclear fuel enrichment program because they claimed they needed to create fuel for their civilian reactors.  Mr. Samore was seeking to have the Argentineans sell the enriched product to Iran to remove the objection.

The biggest problem is that this was years before the current government in Iran entered office.  The events took place during former Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s administration


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