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New IAF drone’s star set to rise

Hermes 900 “Star” unmanned aerial vehicle becomes fully operational, joins existing air force lineup • New UAV designed for long-endurance tactical missions, can remain airborne for 30 hours • It will “revolutionize the drone world,” senior officer says.

Lilach Shoval

The Israeli Air Force introduced a new unmanned aerial vehicle into its operational lineup Tuesday, in a move a senior officer said would “revolutionize the drone world.”

The Hermes 900 Kochav (“Star”), which became operational this week, is a medium-size multi-payload unmanned aerial vehicle, designed for long-endurance tactical reconnaissance, surveillance, and communications missions.

Manufactured by Elbit Systems, the Hermes 900 can remain airborne for over 30 hours, and can fly at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

The innovative drone is equipped, among other things, with state of the art electro-optical and infrared sensors, synthetic aperture radar capabilities, and advanced communications and electronic intelligence systems.

The Hermes 900 is the first drone


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