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Norway: Muslim “refugees” sexually assault 12-year-old girl…saved by local man who saw what was happening

Girl (12) molested by two men on the way home

Police: The matter is high on our priority list.

Tom Skoglund


WALKED UNDER ASYLUM PASSAGE: the two young men found themselves right next to the newly established asylum reception of unaccompanied minors, in Bossekop according to the 12-year-old father. It is unclear whether the men, who spoke English, and according to police were “Arab-looking”, were residents at the center. The center leader Renate Moe takes serious on the episode, and has conducted a meeting with residents here. Photo: Tom Skoglund

On Monday at 15.30 o’clock, a 12 year old girl becomes the victim of an unpleasant experience in Alta, the girl’s father tells  Altaposten.

After having been with girlfriends after school, a friend walked the girl home from Gakori towards Bossekop.

She chose the route under the now defunct Northern Lights Hotel, where she had gone many times before. There is now the recently established reception center for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers [asylum “children]. The reception has just come into operation.

Police is looking for two “Arab-looking” men.

The girl’s father says:

– As she walked through the “tunnel” under the hotel two boys passed by her and according to her they were probably around 18-19 years of age. The two boys immediately took contact with her. They spoke English and asked if they could be “friends.” She has learned to just move on if something happens. But when she did this and just went on as she has been taught, the men began to follow her.

Assaulted: Here in Moreneveien the 12-year-old girl was approached and molested by two young men. A witness who was at the place interrupted the incident. Police take very seriously to the crime and has given it priority. Photo: Tom Skoglund

The girl went over E6 and past Coop Extra. The two boys followed suit and made verbal remarks.

– Fortunately, a young man sat in a car outside the Coop. He saw what was happening and noted that the girl was very uncomfortable; she looked both scared and bothered. He did nothing at the time but followed the situation, said the man.

Pulled in her clothes

The girl continued along Bossekopveien before she swung into Moreneveien.

Here the boys sudden turned physical:

– Here they began to grab the girl, they pulled in her clothes and wanted to take her with them. She tried to lie and tell them that her friend stayed in one of the houses next to the spot, but they just continue to try and drag her along.

Then a lifesaver appeared:

– The man who sat in the car outside Cooper had run after them to check where they went. When he drove into Moreneveien, they turned off against Thon hotel where they got lost. Fortunately, says the man, who remains both shaken and upset by the whole episode.

Reacted to the behavior

Altaposten have been in contact with the witness who observed the girl and the two men, and then followed and interrupted the incident.

– I saw that the girl looked frightened when she went past. She looked over my shoulder and went in a quick pace. I thought it was a bit strange that the two followed her. Suddenly the two ran off, as if they were taking a shortcut or something.

– She looked so scared that I decided to run after and see. When I saw them again I went out of the car. The two pulled away and I got to talk to the girl and to calm her down. I focused not so much on the two men, I just tried to take care of the girl, said the man.

He does not want to give further comments other than that he has talked to the police and informed them about the incident.

– The girl’s father is very glad that you acted as you did, what do you feel about that?

– I only did my social duty. It should not be like that, that a 12 year old girl cannot walk in peace, he said.


The man in the car took care of the girl


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