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Syrian Army, Hezbollah And Iran Are Preparing For ‘Gigantic And Ferocious Battle’ In Border Area With Israel


If the anticipated offensive will materialize, it will constitute a game-changer for Israel.

On October 19th, Western Journalism reported that Hezbollah, together with Iranian forces and Bashar al-Assad’s army, had reversed a rebel offensive in the northern Kuneitra Province in Syria and that Hezbollah fighters were already along the border with Israel on the Golan Heights, where they seized the so-called UN Hill opposite the Druze town of Magdal Shams on the Israeli Golan Heights.

They “are now expected to advance in the direction of the town of Kuneitra opposite the observation point on the Israeli Golan Heights,” we wrote at the time.

Yesterday, Lebanese media reported that Hezbollah and government troops were redeploying ‘en-masse’ from their positions in the mountainous area in Zabadani along the border with Lebanon. The Assad axis had been fighting rebels during an offensive that lasted from July to the end of September until a local ceasefire was brokered between the rebels and the government coalition.

A source told the outlet All4Syria that the Hezbolah and government forces were heading to the front in eastern Ghouta and Darayah at the southern outskirts of Damascus.

“23 Microvans, 14 large Kia vehicles, 16 large Toyotas, two small closed top cars, three Inter trucks, 3 ZiL vehicles full of men, 15 taxis carrying Hezbollah and NDF members and four large transport vehicles (each) big enough for over 200 passengers,” All4Syria wrote.

Today, the Lebanese news site NOW Lebanon reported that there is another reason Hezbollah and Assad’s forces redeployed. According to NOW, Assad’s army, together with Hezbollah and units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps assisted by Russian warplanes, “are preparing for a gigantic and ferocious battle over the coming days.”

A source in the Free Syrian Army told All4Syria that a major offensive will be launched in the coming days to regain a “triangle of territory stretching from the southern outskirts of Damascus down to Quneitra in the southwest and Daraa in the southeast.” The source added that large detachments of its forces are being deployed “to more than one front in order to target the


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