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It Is Now Being Declared That Soon There Will Be A MUSLIM Pope Who Will Rule The Union Of Muslim States


Yeni Akit columnist, Abdurrahman Dilipak, is one of the most prominent columnist in Turkey. His promotion this week should raise the eyebrow of everyone who tracks the Bible, especially its prophecies regarding the man of sin. Surprisingly to many speculators and conspiracy theorists, this man of sin will not come out of the papacy in Rome, but is already emerging as a ‘Muslim Pope’ from Turkey.

Dilpak is already declaring that soon, Erdogan will announce himself as the “Vice-regent of Allah” and “Commander of the Faithful” and literally “the Caliph”. The Turkish Hurriyet Daily News reported on Dilpak’s latest declarations stating that Mr. Erdoğan:

would become the “new [‘ecumenical’] caliph” once he has won the executive presidential powers he much desires.

Dilpak’s latest declaration shows exactly how the Muslim Turks are already proclaiming Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the latest victory as ‘Caliph of the Muslim world’.


They report that since then no one has denied or dared to object on Mr. Dilipak’s declaration since he is one of Turkey’s Islamist rulers’ and the Islamist darling of the press. For two decades we have been trumpeting that the Caliphate will re-arise again out of Turkey. Last year we wrote:

However the ball bounces in the Middle East, what we are certain of is that aregional superpower will take advantage of the masses deluding themregardless how the tables turn for or against the ISIS which will be either gulped up or destroyed, in which there will be an ultimate Mahdi claimer whoappears modern enough to claim that if Rome has a Pope, the Muslim world must have a Caliph and by peace Islam will again deceive many and then enter Egypt, Libya and parts of Africa to create the more serious threat than the ISIS and the current mini-Caliphate in Iraq.

Dilipak explained that in reality, the Caliphate succession has never been canceled stating that:

“We have the legal text [in the constitution] which states that the Caliphate simply merged in the figurehead of the Republic. This means that the tasks are identified. The religious institution and the Presidency of Religious Affairs was authorized to implement services. The law did not provide for cancellation of the Caliphate. The Caliphate now has moved to the Parliament. This means that the government is implementing the requirements of the Caliphate. So if Erdogan moved to the presidential system, it is likely that he will appoint advisers to him in all Islamic countries and regions associated with the Caliphate. And then he will start commissions in the Islamic Union at Beştepe (Erdogan’s Palace). That is why there is some hostility against Erdogan’s palace saying its contrary to the law. This palace will bring together all the Muslim communities in the framework of the community of nations in the Ottoman Beştepe. Because the law gives the head of state the task of protecting their rights.”

The idea of a Muslim Union of Muslim states is the plan and how all this is divided into ten regions remains to be seen.

And its not like Erdogan is delaying such preparation since this week he took over the Yildiz palace for himself which was also the same palace used by Sultan Vahdettin (Abdülhamid II) who was the last sultan/Caliph of the Ottoman Empire from 1918 to 1922. In his victory:

“Erdoğan also reminded citizens of their ancestral ties to the land and called on Turks to defend their homeland. “We


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