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Play featuring Jesus as transgender to be performed in Belfast


Criticisms of a play reimagining Jesus as transgender invariably come from “people who had never seen it,” its writer has said.

Jo Clifford recreates biblical stories with a “different slant” in the play The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven, which will air in Belfast as part of Outburst Queer Arts Festival.

“The play imagines a transgender Jesus coming back to the world today,” Ms Clifford said. “She pitches a sermon and tells a few very familiar gospel stories.”

“She has a communion, shares bread and wine with the audience, which is really a gesture of solidarity in the face of death and she gives a blessing.

“So it’s a very important, very intimate show.”


The play is written and performed by Ms Clifford, a practising Christian.

“Obviously being a transgender woman myself it concerns me very greatly that religious people so often use Christianity as a weapon to attack us and justify the prejudices against us,” she said.

“I wanted to see if we could move away from that and make people think again.”

The play has been performed for a number of years and was featured most recently at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

But the play has met some controversy


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