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UK: Muslim immigrants rape 14-year old boy in a department store

Assault, rape, honour killings, genital mutilation, robberies, unprovoked cutting of women’s faces and throat – there are so many crimes committed on a daily basis in the UK by their multiplying Muslim community, it would take singular focus on UK 24/7  to keep up with them. Yet only a few are actually reported in the press.
Muslims are rapidly changing the entire social structure of English society. With open borders, and no block on new Muslim migrants, it is clear the scale of it has reached beyond control.
MP blasts police investigating Debenhams child rape for delaying public appeal for ELEVEN weeks
  • Boy, 14, was attacked in toilet of a Debenhams store in Manchester city centre on June 2
  • Detectives at Greater Manchester Police made public appeal for information only yesterday
  • Manchester Central MP Tony Lloyd questions why it took police so long to release CCTV images of suspects

By Rob Preec

1Criticism: Manchester MP Tony Lloyd has questioned why it took police more than 11 weeks to release CCTV images of two suspects in an investigation into the rape of a 14-year-old boy

Detectives investigating the rape of a 14-year-old boy in a department store have been criticised for waiting more than 11 weeks before making a public appeal for information about the crime.

An MP has questioned why it took police so long to release CCTV images of two suspects wanted for questioning over the attack, which happened in Manchester city centre on June 2.

Greater Manchester Police only released the images yesterday – almost three months after the incident happened in a toilet in a Debenhams store.

Tony Lloyd, the MP for Manchester Central and Labour’s candidate for Greater Manchester’s first police commissioner, said it was ‘common sense’ that issuing the pictures sooner would have helped the investigation.

He said: ‘There is unease about why it has taken so long for those pictures to be released.

‘I think the police do have to give a detailed answer at to why this delay took place.

‘It’s not easy in situations like this, [given] the need to respect the victim.

‘But I think common sense tells most people that early publication of CCTV both helps the police, because members of the public hopefully come forward and


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