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ISIS bombers ‘are in Britain NOW and ready to launch a deadly attack’

A jihadi fighting for the terror group claims this Saturday’s VJ commemorations involving the Queen could be a target

Islamic State terrorists are in the UK and ready to launch a deadly attack at any moment, it was claimed today.

A jihadist fighting for ISIS has claimed one potential target is this Saturday’s VJ commemorations involving the Queen.

It is believed to be part of a new strategy with the terror group urging British jihadis to carry out attacks at home rather than travelling to Iraq or Syria.

Worryingly, it is believed up to seven Islamic State-linked jihadis are now in the UK and ready to launch an attack.

The shock claims were uncovered by an exclusive online sting by Sky News using fake social media accounts to unmask Islamic State recruiters.

An undercover investigator spoke to a terrorist responsible for training some of those believed to be in Britain.

He claimed they had received training to help launch an attack.

He said: “Yes, yes, yes everything, all of this – using the Kalashnikov, the pistol, the bomb, grenades and other things.

“They have lessons after training that last an hour then they leave.

“We don’t see too much, we are there for their protection; seeing what they are actually doing or what they are talking about is impossible, it is forbidden.”

The IS chiefs – a married British couple called Junaid and Umm Hussain – told undercover reporters that a girl in Glasgow was poised to murder and maim using an improvised explosive device (IED).

Over a four-month period, Sky News invented and developed characters and employed a freelance investigative reporter to “run” the characters – one male and one female.

In Syria: Umm Hussain and her husband Junaid Hussain have joined Islamic StateSally Jones, now known as Umm Hussain, was formerly a rocker from Chatham, Kent

Stuart Ramsay, Sky News chief correspondent, said: “Using these personas, we made contact with Islamic State recruiters initially using Twitter – then using anonymous online messaging services.

“It led us to a married couple – Junaid, or Abu, Hussain, and Sally Jones, known as Umm Hussain. They’re both from Britain and living in Raqqa. Hussain, 21, is from Birmingham and is in charge of IS recruitment.

“He is also a former computer hacker and has the dubious honour of being in the top five of IS operatives most likely to be killed by an American drone.

“During the course of our initial contacts he realised he was talking to a female and suggested she talk to his wife. Jones – originally from Chatham in Kent – recruits women and girls from Britain.

“She sent a bomb-making manual to our female character via a secure-sharing site, telling us that she had another girl in Glasgow ready to attack.

“Specifically, she mentioned the Royal Family and the date of August 15 – the day of the VJ commemorations in London.”


This former Islamic State guard was interviewed on Sky News as part of their exclusive investigation

Thousands are expected to gather in central London next weekend, as they did for VE Day

The news comes after a newspaper claimed that British jihadis plotted to blow up the Queen next weekend at an event to mark the anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Police and MI5 were involved in a frantic race against time to thwart the assassination plot being orchestrated from Syria by Islamic State commanders.

The extremists aimed to strike on Saturday


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