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MASSACRE IN PARIS: 127 killed as ISIS claims responsibility for yet another musim terror attack in the French Capital


At least 127 people were killed and 300 wounded in Paris late Friday night in a string of simultaneous attacks at several different sites while French President Francois Hollande decided to seal off France’s borders – an unprecented measure.

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Eighty of the wounded were reportedly in serious condition and the Islamic State officially claimed responsibility for the attack after Hollande accused the group for orchestrating the worst attacks in France since WWII.

ISIS claimed that eight suicide bombers and gunmen had been involved in the attack and Hollande vowed to strike back as he declared three days of national mourning and put the nation’s security at its highest level.

At least 118 people were killed in just one of the attack sites, the Bataclan concert hall where some 1,500 people had gathered for a show by an American rock band. A camera caught the chaotic scene as dozens fled the hall through a back door.
“לה מונד”

Many of the concert-goers were held captive at the venue and reportedly killed one at a time until police broke into the building. French police claimed they had killed between three-five attackers in the raid.

The Bataclan however, was just the worst hit, of several different locations.

According to France police, commotion in France started when an initial explosion was heard at France’s national soccer stadium at 9:20pm local time, during a match between France and Germany.

Hollande had been present at the match and was evacuated by security forces to the Interior Ministry where he watched events unfold.

A shooting was then reported just five minutes later on Bichat Street, further into the center of the city.

A second shooter then opened fire at nearby Avenue de la Republique at 9:29pm, just one minute before a second explosion rocket the soccer stadium where fans were told to exit their seats and gather on the pitch to avoid panic at the exits.
World leaders responded to Friday’s bloody attacks in Paris with outrage and defiant pledges of solidarity, but several countries said they would tighten security, especially at their borders, as they prepare for an upcoming G20 summit being held in Ankara, Turkey.

US President Barack Obama is slated to be briefed by his top advisers on Saturday on the latest intelligence on Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris, a White House official said.
“Before departing for the G20 Summit, the president will convene his National Security Council to review the latest intelligence surrounding the attacks in Paris,” the official said.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron convened Britain’s emergency response committee on Saturday to discuss the attacks in Paris which left 127 people dead, while a terminal at the UK’s second-busiest airport was evacuated after a security alert.

“The events in Paris are the worst act of violence in France since the second world war, the worst terrorist attack in Europe for a decade. A horrifying and sickening attack. Our hearts go out to the French people and to all those who lost loved ones. Today the British and French people stand together as we have so often before in our history when confronted by evil… We stand with you, united,” he said.

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