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Muslims celebrate: “Our soldiers in Paris are blessed by Allah”


Muslims celebrate networks in multiple terrorist attacks, blood planted the streets of Paris, in one of the most tragic days in contemporary history. 

In the Middle East forums radical thousands showed their joy at what they see as revenge for the Western presence in the region.

In the popular forum Islam Al Shams (“Islam in Syria”), users showed their clamor for what happened hours earlier in Paris, where at least 149 people were massacred by religious fundamentalism.

“Yasser 123”, one of the forum members who participated in one of the discussions he was happy for the death of dozens of innocent people.“Allah gives us his mercy, blessings to the martyred brothers of France!” Begins his message.He added: “We light the land of the infidels today and every day until the govern our law,” referring to the sharia, Islamic rules governing the lives of people in extreme ways.

Meanwhile, another identified as Ahmad Kassir-users, he said: “Celebrating the attacks of our brothers in Paris Allah is great Islam or death.!”.Another added forest future threat to slaughter


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