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Saved by his mobile: Man hit by suicide bomb blast outside Stade de France that killed 6 survives after shrapnel smashes into his smartphone

  • French man showed his shattered mobile phone which was hit by shrapnel
  • He was caught in last night’s suicide attack at Paris’ Stade de France
  • At least six fans died in the two consecutive blasts at the stadium 
  • Blasts came as a series of coordinated attacks which killed at least 127 
  • Fans attending the international friendly match between France and Germany gathered on the pitch 

A Frenchman has told of how his life was saved by his mobile phone, after he was caught in the middle of last night’s horrifying terrorist attacks in Paris.

The man, named only as Sylvestre, had just ended a phone call when a terrorist blew himself up just metres from where he stood – the first of two suicide explosions and a bombing at the Stade de France which killed at least six people.

A flying piece of shrapnel from the blast smashed into his phone, which would have caused his head to ‘explode’ had it made impact just seconds later.  

The double suicide blasts at the stadium came as part of a series of coordinated attacks which left at least 127 people dead and the city paralysed with fear.



Sylvestre was also struck by shrapnel in his foot and abdomen but is lucky to be alive after the stadium attack, which also left several people seriously hurt.

President Francois Hollande was evacuated from the stadium, where he was watching the friendly match with Germany with the German interior minister, when the first blast sounded. 

Filmed by a fan, chilling footage of the blasts shows a French player in possession of the ball during the first half of the match before a huge explosion can be heard in the background, at 9.17pm.

Confusion followed as no one understood the implication of the blast, with some of the 80,000 fans at the stadium even cheering what they believed to be a firework.

It is believed the first terrorist detonated the explosive device while trying to enter Gate J of the stadium, killing at least three fans.

Two minutes later, a second blast echoed through the stadium.

Reports indicate that one of the bombs was detonated near a McDonald’s restaurant on the fringes of the stadium, which is due to host the European Championship in seven months’ time.

Three attackers are said to have died at the stadium.

Despite the terrifying explosion, the game continued until thousands of the terrified fans gathered on the pitch at the Stade de France.

They were afraid to leave the pitch which the uncertainty of the continued violence going on in other parts of the city.

Around 10.30pm, a stadium announcer reportedly told the crowd to avoid certain exits ‘due to events outside’, without elaborating.

At first, the announcement prompted panic, but then the crowds walked out of the stadium hugging each other and checking their phones for the latest news of the violence.

The president of the French Football Federation later confirmed an explosion at Gate J of the national stadium but that the ground had been secured.

Just hours before the blast, the German team were evacuated from their hotel following a bomb scare.

The German team and staff were forced to stay the night inside the dressing room at the stadium, while waiting for information on how to get to their team hotel.

Germany manager Joachim Low, whose side were beaten 2-0 during the game, told how his players were in a state of shock after the match.

‘We are all shattered and shocked,’ he told ARD. ‘For me personally the sport takes a backseat.

‘We are baffled at the moment. When I heard the band I could imagine what that would be.’

Explosion heard during international match Stade de France
Defiant French fans sing national anthem after at

Fan footage shows how the players continued to play football despite the horrific blast which echoed through the stadium

Terrified and confused, fans waited on the pitch for more information following the devastating attacks in Paris

Thousands of fans poured on to the pitch following the final whistle of the France vs Germany game, afraid to leave the stadium because of the continuing violence outside

France and Germany fans were brought onto the pitch at the Stade de France after two blasts were detonated nearby, killing at least six people

France and Germany supporters gathered together on the pitch at the Stade de France on Friday night

As a precaution, all sports events have been cancelled today in Paris, while access to public facilities such as museums and swimming pools is restricted.

Hundreds of fans banded together, distressed at their situation as French police attempted to regain control.

Simon Hunter, 27, a British designer who lives in Paris, was at the match with his father Martin, 66, and says they were caught up in a ‘stampede’ when news of the attack filtered through.

‘We were watching the game then we heard two massive explosions,’ he told the Mirror Online. ‘They were like nothing I’ve ever heard before – but no one seemed to think much of it and the game carried on.

‘I checked my phone and I started getting messages saying that there had been hostages taken and my friend had been driving and saw a car covered


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