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”They are killing everyone, one by one”…A horrifying glimpse into yet another Islamic terror attack in Paris that shocks the world

The world followed Benjamin’s live updates from the massacre at Bataclan.

Injured and surrounded by dead victims, Benjamin Cazenove began to report from the massacre inside the concert venue Bataclan in Paris, live on Facebook.


“I am still at Bataclan. First floor. Injured. They should storm the premises as quickly as possible. There are survivors. They are killing everyone, one by one. First floor. Fast!”

This was the Frenchman’s first message on the social networking site Facebook. It was quickly shared by over 21,000 people on Facebook – and even more on Twitter.

And more came. His updates from the carnage inside the concert venue Bataclan was followed by a whole world last night. The graphic designer sent the first message after being held hostage for two and a half hours.

Just before 00.30 attacks unfolded at several locations in central Paris. Benjamin, who according to his own Facebook page live in Aarhus, Denmark, fought to shield himself from the bullets from at least four terrorists.

It was around 22.00 Friday night that the first shots sounded inside the Bataclan, one of Paris’ most famous concert halls.

Benjamin was, as 1,500 others, at a concert with the California band “Eagles of Death Metal”. The venue was packed and sold out.

A young French woman explains to the French newspaper Liberation that they heard bangs but that she thought they were part of the concert.

– Then I turn around and see a woman being shot in the eye. She collapses in front of me, says the woman.

It was around half an hour into the concert that at least four terrorists stormed the venue and started firing into the crowd. Witnesses have explained that the first who were killed were the bartenders.

– They did not stop shooting. There was blood and bodies everywhere. Everyone tried to flee, says Pierre Janaszak to Liberation.

Gregoire friends, Thomas and Nicolas, told the newspaper Liberation that the audience did not understand the danger before everyone in the bar was shot.

– We saw movement in the crowd. It was like a wind that spreads in a field. All fell to the floor, dead and injured people, alive. Although we have no experience of war, we understood right away what happened.

The three friends ran up to the roof and hid for two hours. They heard gunfire and screams from the concert venue under.

– It felt like we were in a mousetrap, they say to Liberation.

Shortly after Benjamin Cazenove posted the message, in which he asked that the venue was stormed, the police charged.

Afterwards Cazenove wrote on Facebook:
“Alive. Only cuts. A massacre. Dead bodies everywhere.”

There were reports of “apocalyptic” scenes


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