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UNREAL: You won’t believe who liberal media is blaming for Paris attacks…


Or maybe you will believe this. After all, we’re talking about liberals.

Immediately following last night’s horrific news, liberal website Salon posted a tweet blaming the Paris attacks on…yes, you guessed it, conservatives.

As The Blaze reports, this vicious tweet below was posted in reference to an article by Chauncey Devega who assailed the political right for “incendiary rhetoric” that “does in fact lead to action.”

But Salon was immediately and justifiably attacked for the tweet – by a liberal no less.


Nonetheless, Devega dug in a bit further.


Also digging in a bit further into shamelessness is CNN, who used the Islamist suicide bomb and AK-47 attacks on unarmed citizens to push…gun control.

In an eloquent post for Breitbart, writer John Nolte described his disgust when he turned on CNN to watch coverage of the horrors unfolding in Paris and “the idiotic CNN talking head used the Paris bloodbath to push for American gun control, and then hand-wring over fears of a unicorn known as the “anti-Muslim backlash.”

Oh, the CNN Talking Head was subtle. That’s what made it even more infuriating — the cunning sneakiness. Twice in the space of just a few minutes he lamented how easy to would be for terrorists to



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