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Obama Played a Role in the Paris ISIS Massacre

The major media won’t mention this but the truth is clear – the Obama administration is to blame for the Paris attacks.

Here is what ultimately led to the murders this week in Paris:

** When Obama took over the Presidency he promised to remove US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and close down Gitmo. These terrorist friendly policies led to the creation of ISIS in Iraq after the US withdrew all troops.  That is clear.  Obama also released dozens of murderers from Gitmo. Then, when all hell broke loose in Iraq, Obama denied it was his idea to withdraw all the troops.  This was another Obama lie.

** After the US exit from Iraq, ISIS began its terrible rampage of murdering, raping and enslaving thousands of innocents. The Islamic State consumed territory the size of Great Britain.  When Obama finally moved to do something due to public outrage, it was weak and little more than a show.  At least one American military official even commented Obama must want an Islamist state in Damascus.

** As Iraq-Syria continue to deteriorate due to ISIS, refugees


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