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Obama Was So Broken Up Over The Terrorist Attacks In Paris That He Did This


Barack Obama gave an almost emotionless speech following the highly coordinated, multi-target terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. The casual nature with which he walked up to the podium saying, “Good afternoon, everybody” caught the attention of some, including this writer. Also quite curious was Obama’s demeanor during his remarks.

There was no anger. There was no outrage. There was not even any indignation or resolve that could be heard as Obama spoke. Instead, it simply sounded like he was reading words from a page.
This is a stark contrast from the way Obama sounds when he is on his race baiting high horse. It’s a completely different tone than when he is attacking police for ‘acting stupidly’ before having all the facts or accusing them of rampant racism and direct targeting of black men with an intent to kill or beat them. It is completely opposite to the tone and taunting that Obama get in his voice when speaking about Republicans, conservatives, or Tea Party activists.

This is a very different Obama than the one who politicizes mass shootings at the hand of a madman, using it instead to attack the Second Amendment


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