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French Official Calls To Close Down Mosques And Deport Imams Who ‘Preach Hatred’


Finally. A French policy I can get on board with.

On Sunday, French jets dropped 20 bombs on ISIS hotspots.

Now, the interior minister of France is calling for the “dissolution” of mosques in the country. And before people squeak and squawk about civil liberties, calm down. They only want to target mosques “where hate is preached.” (Which is fairly subjective, I will say.)

I’m obviously not saying that all Muslims want to murder people, but I am saying that that their holy book instructs them to instill fear in infidels. It’s all in there. See for yourself.

The minister has long been an advocate for addressing the concerns of the country’s five million Muslim residents, particularly after January’s attacks at the Charlie Hebdo office. But Cazeneuve has also made significant efforts to curb homegrown extremism. France


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