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Muslim mayor: Now is the time to wipe out 50,000 ISIS fighters after Paris attacks

A MUSLIM mayor has declared war on jihad with a call for the West to “wipe out” tens of thousands of twisted Islamic State militants following the Paris attacks.

Ahmed Aboutaleb, the mayor of the Dutch city of Rotterdam, speaking after deadly terror attacks on Paris claimed the lives of 129 people on Friday, argued now was the time to fight.

He said: “I am no military strategist, but as a manager I say ‘it is time to wipe out the 40,000 to 50,000 people who have joined ISIS.”

The call to arms comes as France launched its biggest ever bombing raid on ISIS in Syria in response to the deadly Paris terror attacks, with 10 fighter jets dropping 20 bombs on ISIS targets.

Strikes against ISIS were crucial, Mr Aboutaleb said, “because these events first and foremost turn against Muslims in Europe.

“All peace-loving Muslims in Europe should distance themselves from this.”

Earlier this week, Mr Aboutaleb compared the depravity of ISIS in Iraq and Syria with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

Smoke believed to be from an airstrike billows over the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar

A French fighter jet taxis along the runway in an undisclosed location

He said: “ISIS are involved in ethnic cleansing on Christians, Shiites, Yezidis, Alawites and moderate Muslims.”

The outspoken mayor has also called for Dutch extremists to be banned from returning if they choose to travel to Syria to fight.

He said: “I want to make sure those who


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