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Why You Ought to Try Washing Your Face with Honey

Young Woman's Face Covered in Honey

Have you ever wondered what is in the soap you currently use? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a 100% anti commercial product kind of person, but sometimes the natural route is best; especially if you have sensitive skin that might be prone to outbreaks of spots, pimples, zits and the rest.

Why have we evolved to think we need to rub commercially manufactured lotions that are filled with non-beneficial chemicals onto our bodies? You know, the perfect little pink heart shaped soap with little designs, sitting there as a perfect brick on the edge of the sink? Do you really think are ancestors used these pretty little washing products? How do you think they keep their shape and last for months? Is it because of their natural state? No!

I myself shower with water and I know other people do too (check out this post). I do wash my hair with shampoo and wash my hands with soap after using the toilet, but with regards to my face and body, running water does the trick.

However, every now and then I take it a step further and wash my face with honey.

Why Wash Your Face with Honey

My number one reason and it may be the wrong one, is because it is incredibly easy. All you do is take raw honey, apply it to the face for a while (15 minutes or so) and then wash it off


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