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HORRIFYING THOUGHT: Do you realize that ISIS is not even the most dangerous terror group on earth?

  • Nigerian based Boko Haram killed more people than ISIS in Syria and Iraq 
  • The report comes as two female suicide bomber killed 15 people in Kano
  • One of the bombers was just 11 years old as Boko Haram continue to use child soldiers including young girls as militants

The jihadi group Boko Haram have been revealed as the most brutal terror organisation last year, killing more people than ISIS.
The surprising findings come as two female suicide bombers, one thought to be as young as 11, blew themselves up at a busy market in the Nigerian city of Kano, killing 15 people yesterday.
The new report on global terrorism by the Institute of Economics and Peace reveals that Boko Haram murdered 6,664 people last year in comparison to ISIS’s 6,073 victims.


Nigeria has been blighted with terror attacks, predominantly by Boko Haram but also by a smaller, lesser known militant group known as the Fulani militants, who murdered 1,229 people in 2014.

‘The country witnessed the largest increase in terrorist deaths ever recorded by any country, increasing by over 300 per cent to 7,512 fatalities,’ the report notes.

The report also reveals that Boko Haram appear to have changed their targets, with an 11 per cent decrease in the number of deaths of religious figure and a 172 per cent increase in the deaths of private citizens. 

Purported Boko Haram leader applauds Charlie Hebdo attacks

Boko Haram, who pledged their allegiance to ISIS in Syria and Iraq earlier this year, have frequently used child suicide bombers and mass kidnappings to stamp their authority in north-eastern Nigeria.

They changed their name to Islamic State in West Africa after declaring their allegiance to ISIS in Syria and Iraq in March 2015.

The battle against terrorism in Nigeria remains a long campaign for President Buhari, who recently claimed that Nigerian troops were denied weapons to fight Boko Haram.

He also claimed that thousands of lives were


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