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Mom Was Brought Back To Life After Hearing Newborn Babys Cries


The baby, little Rylan, arrives completely healthy. But a blood clot triggered during the operation has clogged important arteries! The young mother falls into a coma.

“The doctors had done everything they could. At this time, they were absolutely sure that they would lose Shelly,” Jeremy recalls. “You are so unbelievably excited that your child is born … and in the next moment you believe you’ll have to say farewell to your wife forever. It was like being numbed.”

But then a nurse named Ashley Manus has an idea: “We knew that skin contact from a mother to her newborn can be very helpful – so why wouldn’t work the other way around?” So they take the naked baby and lay it on the chest of the comatose mother.

“I was hoping that Shelly was still in there somewhere, so she could feel her baby and her heart, to let her mother instincts wake up,” explains the nurse. But as soon as the baby Rylan touches her mother, she falls asleep peacefully. “We tickled her, even gave her


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