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Revealed: The truck bombs ISIS fanatics are using to murder innocent civilians in Syria – which come packed with 10 TONNES of explosives and homemade armour-plating

  • Ashley Dyball (Mitchell Scott) says Kurdish forces captured a suicide truck in north-east Syria carrying 10 tonnes of explosives
  • Images reveal ISIS armoured vehicle packed with barrels of ‘improvised explosive devices’
  • It was destined to cause carnage in villages around now liberated al-Hawl
  • The Brisbane man has been with the YPG since May
  • His group also found bunkers used by IS to avoid allied bombing raids  
  • Claims his work was only humanitarian aid despite being heavily armed

Photos posted by Brisbane man Ashley Dyball, aka Mitchell Scott, who joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Group (YPG) in May has illustrated the shocking threat posed to locals in Syria’s north-east by Islamic State‘s crude explosive devices.

One image reveals an armour-plated ‘suicide truck’ carrying 10 tonnes of explosives which was destined to cause carnage in nearby villages but was uncovered recently by the YPG in the town of al-Hawl and successfully disarmed.

The Kurdish battalion was part of a coalition of Syrian Democratic Forces which wrested back control of al-Hawl from Islamic State last week and uncovered bunkers where IS would hide from allied force bombing raids.


The Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (referred to as the YPG or YPJ) is the military force from the Kurdish region in Syria. In the past two years the group, also known as the Lions of Rojava, have urged international volunteers to join their fight against extremists in the region.

But Dyball has always insisted his involvement with the Kurds in Syria has been ‘humanitarian work’ and has posted this latest series of revealing photos, as if to prove it.

Under his Facebook moniker of Mitchell Scott he wrote of how the YPG won back al-Hawl and how the trailer they took control of was ‘carrying over 10 tonnes of IEDs’ and had been disarmed.

The Islamic State truck filled with 20 large barrels of explosives was destined for a local villages.

The truck cabin can be seen with heavy iron sheeting welded to the front, with a small window for the driver, apparently to protect the militant from gunfire by anyone trying to stop the truck before reaching its destination.

The coalition of Syrian Democratic Forces, which includes members of the Kurdish militia fighting alongside Syrian Arab groups and Assyrian soldiers, took back control of the city after a fierce two-week battle with Islamic State.

Apart from winning the battle for al-Hawl, YPG forces have reportedly had increasingly significant wins in removing the ever-present IED threat.

For much of his time since arriving in Syria, Dyball’s only contact with family and friends has been sporadic social media updates.

But in the past few days he has been more active on-line to report the concerted effort by YPG troops to remove the threats of explosive devices.

He also provided images which appear to show


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