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The absurd benefits package that the ‘poor Syrian almost all male refugees’ will be getting from YOUR tax money

Prissy Holly

As Obama continues to fast-track tens of thousands Syrian refugees to flood our borders in the near future, there’s one question that no one seems to be asking: Who’s going to foot the bill to pay for all these people? If you answered “the American tax payer,” then you are absolutely correct.

While the number of Syrian refugees set to invade our country is in of itself staggering (85,000 of them due to land in 2016, and another whopping 100,000 in 2017) what will probably chap your ass even more, is the incredible package of benefits these potential terrorists will receive as soon as they set foot into our country.  (Let’s keep in mind that we currently have almost 50,000 homeless veterans on the streets here in America. )

Upon arrival in the United States, each refugee is eligible for a $1,975 arrival and placement grant that is managed by one of nine refugee resettlement agencies working with the federal government.

Low-income refugee families with children may be eligible for temporary assistance for needy families, a welfare program in which state rules govern eligibility and the amount of money families receive, for up to five years. Immigrants without children or otherwise not eligible for the temporary assistance program qualify for the refugee cash assistance program run by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement. Eligibility for that program lasts eight months.

Elderly, blind or disabled refugees may be eligible for cash assistance through the Supplemental Security Income program for up to nine years.


Low-income refugees may be eligible for Medicaid for up to seven years. While immigrants to the U.S. are not generally eligible for Medicaid, refugees



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