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ISIS dump jihadi corpses in excrement pits with no Muslim burial as Putin airstrikes bite

ISLAMIC State has been so heavily hit by Russian airstrikes it is dumping bodies of dead jihadis in Syrian sewage pits filled with human excrement rather than giving them a Muslim burial.

It comes as the terror group have admitted three of its senior jihadi commanders have been killed in bombing raids this week.

Moscow has said the terror group was so overwhelmed with casualties in the attacks it is having to crudely hide dead bodies at night.

The Russian army’s Colonel General Andrey Kartapolov said: “The militants have admitted the death of ‘Abu Nurlbagasi’, ‘Muhammad ibn Khayrat’ and ‘Al-Okab’ as a result of Russian airstrikes in the area of Aleppo.

“In order to conceal the true number of casualties, the evacuation of the dead and wounded militants is carried out in the dark.

“According to our data, due to heavy losses and the inability to bury all of the eliminated terrorists in accordance with Islamic tradition, the commanders decided to dump the bodies of ordinary militants in sewage pits.”

As well as the attacks on the north of the country, the Russian air force claims it has “completely disrupted” the military units in the Homs province, further south.

It says the airstrikes have demoralised the ISIS troops who are refusing to follow orders.

Mr Kartapolov said: “The field commander with the call sign ‘Abu Husan’ violated the order of his senior commanders and refused to move his unit to the village of Telbisa.”

Other fighters refused to fight Syrian government soldiers, the general said.

It comes as the Russian air force last night flew more than 100 combat sorties in Syria in the third day of devastating bombing in the country.

On Wednesday 126 raids were conducted in the region, targeting ISIS oil refineries, an ammunition depot and a facility manufacturing mortars.

Moscow has ordered three days of raids on Syria

Vladimir Putin is pushing for new terror laws in Moscow
Mr Kartapolov said around 500 trucks carrying oil have been destroyed in the last few days as Russia looks to hit the terror group’s funding.

In Moscow today, Russian lawmakers will put


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