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Le Top Gun: French military get ready to blitz ISIS as aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle bears down on Syria

  • The warship is heading for the eastern Mediterranean, from where it will launch a series of attacks on ISIS 
  • Its deployment comes after French President Francois Hollande vowed to ‘destroy’ the terror group 
  • A UN resolution signed on Friday promised to take ‘all necessary measures’ to defeat the extremists

In the wake of the Paris massacre, French President Francois Hollande vowed to destroy ISIS – whose militants had murdered 130 in a matter of hours on a Friday night.

The  fighter jets lined up along the deck of the warship Charles de Gaullle – currently bearing down on Syria – are proof these were not just empty promises.

The aircraft carrier is taking up its position in the eastern Mediterranean, from where it will launch bombing raids on ISIS targets in Syria.

Hollande’s vow is now supported by the UN, after the Security Council unanimously agreed to take ‘all necessary measures’ to defeat ISIS in a resolution which states that the barbaric group ‘constitutes a global and unprecedented threat to international peace and security’.


The resolution, which was drafted by France, condemns the ‘horrifying terrorist attacks’ in Paris, as well as atrocities committed by ISIS in Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon and the downing of a Russian passenger plane over Egypt.

Russia has already escalated its own action in Syria, in retaliation for the murder of 224 of the people onboard the airliner in October.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it carried out more than 300 separate strikes on key targets – including its headquarters in Raqqa, factories producing munitions and oil fields.

The terror group finance themselves through the sale of oil: last month it was revealed ISIS is still making more than £320million a year from sales.

The U.S. meanwhile continue to support western-backed rebel groups with airstrikes, playing a role in the capture of two villages along the Turkish border on Friday and Saturday.

Britain, meanwhile, only carries out bombing raids in Iraq, where the government has allowed them to take action, while providing intelligence to


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