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Report: Israel has 115 nuclear warheads, 660kg of plutonium

Institute For Science and International Security report claims Israel has ‘wide range of delivery vehicles for its nuclear weapons,’ including nuclear-capable cruise missiles.


A report by the Institute For Science and International Security (ISIS) released last week claims Israel has 115 nuclear warheads and some 660 kg of plutonium.

Israel has never confirmed or denied having nuclear weapons under a policy of ambiguity aimed at deterring longtime Arab and Muslim adversaries.


The report, written by institute founder David Albright, is based largely on information leaked by Mordechai Vanunu in 1986, as well as intelligence reports, media reports and other research.

In his report, Albright reviews Israel’s alleged nuclear activities at the Dimona nuclear reactor which started, he claims, shortly before the 1967 Six-Day War.


The report’s assessment that Israel has some 660 kilograms of plutonium is slightly lower than the amount estimated by the International Panel on Fissile Materials (IPFM) because Albright believes the Dimona reactor’s production capabilities are lower than what the IPFM researchers believe.


“The actual number of Israeli


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